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Legacy Commercial Contracting was established as a full-service interior Construction Management and General Contracting firm. Our company principals collectively possess over 45 years’ experience in the Northern VA & DC/Metro area construction industry and offer a full range of construction services from pre-construction to project closeout and final occupancy.  Legacy Commercial is a Class A contractor that also carries all of the Master trade licenses that give us the ability to self perform Mechanical-Electrical-Plumbing trades to keep our projects on time and under budget.

  • Extraordinary team atmosphere between the client, consultants, architects, contractors, and building management
  • Clear understanding and articulation of each team members’ responsibilities
  • A unified goal to deliver a finished project within budget and schedule

Our collective experience has taught us that although many team members’ input is based on varying perspectives, everyone’s ultimate objectives are the same. With this understanding we are able to complete projects successfully and able to build long standing relationships with our clients.

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What Differentiates Legacy Commercial Contracting?

At Legacy Commercial Contracting, our focus is on providing a finished space that makes both us and our clients proud. We specialize in meeting demanding budgets and deadlines.  We provide accurate proposals and schedules on all projects. And we maintain a clean work environment, utilizing environmentally-friendly construction products and methodologies.

Most importantly, our staff is at the heart of what makes Legacy Commercial Contracting special. We are most proud that our staff is comprised of a diverse group of women and men. Our clients benefit from the Legacy Commercial Contracting work ethic, respect for one another and shared commitment to delivering the highest quality construction at a reasonable price, coupled with unparalleled customer service.

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